Lockdown Back To Work Checks


If your machinery has been stood idle for a while, it would be prudent to give it a quick check before start up.  Here are a few things to check before switching machinery on:

  1. Drain any water from the water trap on your machine and the workshop compressor (you might want to put a few drops of light oil down the incoming air supply too).
  2. Treat your machine as if it’s never been used before! Are the cutter blocks on tight? Does the spindle turn freely? Are the drive belts OK?
  3. During shut down some rust may form, clean any areas with something like wire wool and WD40, then wipe clean.
  4. If it’s a CNC machine, then re send parameters (where applicable).
  5. If the machine doesn’t start, don’t panic! Check the simple things such as air pressure, E-stops out, guards in place etc.. If you are still stuck, then ring us and we will try to advise you over the phone or we can come to site if required.

Don't forget: we are here if you need us...