Routine maintenance; can you afford not to invest?


Companies and organisations are trying to make every penny count right now.  The Covid crisis hit pockets hard in 2020 and with staff shortages due to furlough, isolation, illness and lockdown, keeping productive is key.  But ensuring that you factor a maintenance budget into your running costs could be a savvy move as part of your plans for 2021, especially where health and safety is concerned.

The investment ‘paid off’ for one such customer of Woodwork Machinery Services, who employs us twice a year to conduct safety checks and service their woodworking machinery. After each visit, we provide a report highlighting in brief what has been done and stating what condition the machines are in and if any actions are required. The customer is then able to clearly decide what actions they need to take.

Sadly, just a couple of months after having the machines serviced and checked, one of the machine operators had an accident which resulted in a serious injury. A full investigation was carried out by the authorities and the employer was found to be clear of any wrongdoing. 

One of the key points cited by those investigating the incident was that the company had a history of machine maintenance going back several years and had clearly taken their responsibilities to the workforce seriously. This has resulted in fewer breakdowns and more importantly, ensures the machines are up to date with current regulations and are safe to use in the correct manner. That doesn’t mean that accidents won’t happen; but that the owner of the machine has done everything possible to protect its staff whilst it is being used.

Service costs have always been and will always be unwelcome, but this case study acts as a warning to those companies who may feel that this is not an investment they can afford. Ensuring the machines are safe to use not only means you are protecting your employees, but at the same time protecting your business and any personal liability.

If your machine is due a check over, make sure booking one in is made a priority for the new year. Often when on site, our engineers can spot other potential issues which could lead to breakdowns or problems with production. In addition, our expertise can help identify cost and time-saving solutions that you might be able to implement, as we find out how your business operates and how your machinery is used. We always try to keep disruption to a minimum whilst conducting necessary checks and offer competitive servicing rates. 

For those companies who may feel a service on old machinery might not be an appropriate investment, we can always advise on replacement machines; and can supply a range of new and refurbished machines which can be fully installed. Our engineers operate with strict Covid secure procedures when on site to protect our customers and themselves.

Safety will always be our top priority when doing our jobs; and the productivity and peace of mind will follow naturally for our customers.

Happy New Year from all the team at Woodwork Machinery Services!